Soul Star Andy Abraham is spearheading an innovative approach to releasing records with his new album Remember When.

Combining book, C.D. and D.V.D, Remember When. is a deluxe release delivering a comprehensive package that downloads can’t match, helping to put the magic back into buying records.

Pop music has always been about stories. Songs have a powerful ability to trigger memories and transport us back to times in our past. With Andy’s amazing experiences on X-Factor, Eurovision and his three sell-out U.K. tours, his music has more stories to tell than most, and they are all in Andy’s Remember When.

When thinking about a new album, Andy wanted to pay tribute to the singers and the songs that have shaped his voice and made him the man he is today. The album features ten cover versions and two original tracks:

“This is music that has made me conscious of the world and touched me in a way that makes me want to own each and every one of the songs that I sing. The first ten songs on this album, the cover versions, are songs of my soul.” Andy Abraham

Some of the soul classics on Remember When. are: As by Stevie Wonder, Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) by Marvin Gaye, You Were Meant For Me by Donny Hathaway and Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by McFadden and Whitehead.

For the two new tracks on the album, Andy has worked with songwriter Eliot Kennedy, a highly-sought-after writing talent who has previously written for artists including Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Take That and Bryan Adams. It Was You and When You Love Someone take the classic soul sound and bring it right up date.

In a deluxe 96-page padded hardback book, Andy tells the stories of his life in the way that comes naturally to him: through the songs that have provided the soundtrack to his life, the difficult times as well as the peaks.

Andy was determined to have the space of the book to talk about the reasons he’s chosen cover these particular songs. For Andy it is about connecting with his fans and sharing with them why the songs are so important to him:

“I didn’t just want to do a collection of any old covers – it had to be a collection of songs that were very important to me. Each one brings back specific memories – memories of growing up, people that have gone, people that are still here, people that I love and artists that have inspired and shaped me as a singer and as a human being. Rather than just singing the songs and leaving you to guess how and why they might be important to me, I wanted to have the space to explain why they are very special.” Andy Abraham

A D.V.D documentary tells the fascinating story of Andy’s life before his dramatic rise to fame on the X-Factor and follows his career since, including representing Great Britain on Eurovision and his three U.K. tours.

Remember When – is Andy’s fourth album since he rocketed to fame as runner-up on the X-Factor in 2005. Winning the hearts of the public with his extraordinary vocal talent and his charming personality, Andy became known as the ‘voice of the people’. Since X-Factor, Andy has become a major Platinum-selling recording artist who has completed three U.K. tours, culminating in a sell-out performance at the Royal Albert Hall, London.