Connie Lush is widely recognised as one of the finest blues singers that the United Kingdom has ever produced.

That indisputable fact was acknowledged when she was voted Best UK Female Vocalist by readers of Blues In Britain for 5 separate years, earning a richly deserved place in the Gallery of the Greats.

She is also increasingly recognised on the continent, particularly in France, where she was honoured in the French Blues Trophies awards as European Singer of the Year for 2002. There are no separate awards for male & female singers in the European category, so Connie defeated all challengers.

It is less appreciated that Connie’s musical talents go beyond singing. She is a highly accomplished songwriter, confirmed by many excellent self-penned songs that form the content of her live & recorded repertoire. She has also written TV themes and featured as a DJ on Jazz FM.

Connie’s Awards
Five times Best Female Blues Vocalist by readers of UK Blue Print Magazine (now in the Gallery of Greats)

Twice voted Best Vocal Blues Artist by the French Blues Society : “Trophees France Blues Chanteur de L‘annee “

Liverpool Women in Business, “Woman of the Year Performing Arts 2010”

Twice Artist of the Year Digital Blues Radio EUROPE