Hailing from Detroit, Rock/Blues guitarist, songwriter and soulful singer Marcus Malone has a vocal range similar to Paul Rodgers and is a heavyweight rock/blues musician whose career has included a stint on UA/Capital records and Motown. He has appeared at the Albert Hall with BB King, opened for Walter Trout, and headlined numerous festivals in the US, UK and Europe. Marcus’s music is a mix of deep toned grooves ranging from heavy rock to soulful blues/rock ballads.

Marcus has a powerful touring unit to backup some excellent songs in the form of Stuart Dixon with his exhilarating solos and speedy licks and an equally hot rythm section consisting of Chris Nugent on drums and Johan Buys on bass.

Pete Fenstra/

“There isn’t a more exciting blues rock band on the live circuit.”


“Malone, a Detroit native and current UK resident, is without question one of the finest vocalist to be found in the blues, blues/rock, or rock genres. He has a very Paul Rodgers like quality to his voice which, when combined with the considerable guitar skills of Stuart Dixon, is excellent for the multiple styles of music he plays. And, after all, Marcus Malone and his music are much about excellence.”

Bill Wasserzieher/Blues Revue USA

“His songs and performance manage to bridge the distance between contemporary and vintage, blues, blues rock and soul with themes that are timeless rather than dated.”


“With his excellent band, Marcus Malone, the singer and guitarist from Detroit, delivers hard-edged guitar solos, delicate ballads, easy shuffles as well as rolling gospels. Everything that lets the heart of a modern blues fan beat faster. Malone is a flexible, excellent songwriter and singer and in some points, he doesn’t deny that he admires Hendrix to.”

Bill Smith/Blues in Britain/UK | 00 Month 2010

“…great voice, great words, in fact great everything”