“Somehow, he is able to translate life into music. It is filled with emotion, with inspiring sounds that go right up your spine” Henry Winkler

Recently best known for his Hollywood movie soundtracks. Randy recently released his first new album, after 20 years, “The Pacific Flow To Abbey Road”!!!

His multimillion selling, “Fairwell Fairbanks”, originally released on 20th Century USA in 1976 was arguably Edelman’s most successful and accessible album.

It spawned three hits in You,”Uptown Uptempo Woman” and “Concrete and Clay”, a cover of Unit 4 Plus 2’s original!!

A highly polished production combined with Edelman’s fantastic songwriting (described by the man himself as a time when he was “getting the hang of it”) results in a fantastic example of radio friendly singer/songwriter fayre. Rocking numbers and balladry sit comfortably together to create a gorgeous “adult” pop record.

Randy became a hugely successful songwriter through the 70’s & 80’s with songs recorded by The Carpenters, Olivia Newton-John, and Barry Manilow etc,

This in turn led to even more success as a producer, arranger and writer for film & TV from that time right up until today! In the mid 80’s he moved from his native New York to Los Angeles and worked on the highly successful TV series, “MacGyver” starring Richard Dean Anderson. Since then he has worked on over 100 film scores including:

“The Mask” – Jim Carrey
“Ghostbusters II” – Bill Murray
“Kindergarten Cop” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
“While You Were Sleeping” Sandra Bullock
“Gettysburg” – Robert Duvall/Martin Sheen
“Mummy 3” – Brendon Frazer
“Dragon heart” – Sean Connery
“Shanghai Noon”/”Shanghai Knights” – Jackie Chan