The man who severely redefined ‘contemporary Indian music’ and has been winning over audiences worldwide. Take the energy of Zeppelin whilst maintaining the spirituality of India and your on the right path…His albums have featured the likes of Steve Vai, Dennis Rollins, Andy Sheppard, George Brooks, Shahbaz Hussain, Black Voices, Tunde Jegede and The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Sandhu is one of a dying breed of masters of the Sarangi, the dominant bowed instrument of North to soulful blues/rock ballads.

“The sarangi remains not only the authentic and original Indian bowed stringed instrument but the one which expresses the very soul of Indian feeling and thought”
Sir Yehudi Menuhin

“Surinder Sandhu, composer, bandleader and virtuoso of the 1000 year old Indian bowed instrument the sarangi, is truly a musician without boundaries: weaving cultures, melting genres and distilling sounds so that all that is left is just ‘music’. The musicians who seem to flock to work with him are all masters in their own right; Surinder works by allowing others to breathe. It’s almost as if he sits somewhere just in the background of the sonic landscape. Ethereal and earthy in equal measures, global yet intimate, Sandhu is a musical alchemist for the 21st century.”

“Going to a concert like this is a truly unique experience. TheSurinder Sandhu Band collectively performed the most spectacularly mind blowing East meets West compositions I have ever heard.”
Dawinder Bansal –

Surinder and his band have been winning audiences all over the world now & his fans read like a who’s who in the music world:

‘Breathtaking!’ BRIAN MAY (QUEEN),

‘Some of the most amazing music I have ever heard’ JANICE LONG BBC Radio Two,

‘Working with a musician like Surinder gives great insight the workings of a genius mind’ DENNIS ROLLINS,

‘Life changing magical experiences…such is the quality of Surinder Sandhu’ BLUEY from INCOGNITO,

‘I’m a little out my depth here, I’ll just say this, absolutely perfect, powerful and majestic, ultimately this is a fulfilling work of beauty and I will be playing it for years to come’ SNOWBOY,

‘A must listen, a fantastic CD bursting with all corners of creative music, a single CD that unites a nation through the power of his music’ COURTNEY PINE OBE.

‘There is an air of English eccentricity that envelopes these eclectic musical forays into a perfect soundtrack of life in Britain’s major cities today! life changing magical experiences…such is the quality of Surinder Sandhu!’ Jean Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick – Incognito

‘As unique as it is intriguing’ Jon Mitchell – Songlines Magazine 2008

‘The Fictionist is a CD of genuine intelligence with a rare breadth of vision’ Keith Ames, Musician Magazine

Album of the month, 5 OUT OF 5! ‘Albums like this one have changed the perception of classical music and broadened audiences…a classical collection of songs dripping with cool moments of contemporary inventiveness’ Eastern Eye Magazine